We serve our delicious buffet breakfast every morning at Tertti Manor cafe house and during July at Manor restaurant. Breakfast is made from our deli products and locally produced food.

Creamy barley oatmeal from your own Harjupelto barley and lingonberry sugar
Omelet from eggs of or neighbors
Organic yoghurt, juiced berries and flower muesli
Salmon from the manor house, Iivar’s smoked vendace and mustard sauce
Meat cuts and manor jelly
Cheeses and juicy berries from small producers
Greetings from the vegetable garden

Tertti rye bread with more than 125 years old root
The manor’s white bread
Our bakery’s crisp bread

Homemade berry juice
Morning tea and flower honey
Coffee and milk
Ice water

Little sweets from the manor’s bakery

Breakfast menu covered daily 8-10am (weekends 9-10am)
Price 23 € / person. A complimentary breakfast is included.

Please always book in advance, if not staying in the hotel.


Contact us

    Please note your reservation is valid after it has been confirmed by email or phone. Reservations made during weekend or to same day, please contact us by phone (015) 176 012.

    Special diets? Allergies? Accessibility for a disabled person? High chairs for babies? Whatever you need please let us know during the booking process so we can make you feel at home.

    Our sales office is open during Mon-Fri 9-17.